4 Advantages of Rocking Chairs


Having rocking chairs around the house instantly brings a sense of elegance to any room. They are genuinely elegant and very comfortable. A rocking chair could be the best spot to cuddle with your lover, to read a bed time story to your little ones or to kick back and relax while enjoying a cold drink on a hot night. But there are actually a lot of benefits to having a rocking chair around the house. In this article we will highlight the main 4 advantages of having a rocking chair:

They don’t mark the floors:

Placing a chair on a wooden floor could be a nightmare to your hardwood boards. As you get up and sit on your chair, the chair is likely to shift and move. Over the time these movements leave permanent marks on your hardwood floor. Rocking chairs have bent boards at the bottom. No matter what these boards are made of they will have a wider surface area so they will glide smoothly over the floor.

They don’t make noises:

Whether you are trying to sit down, get off or simply reposition your chair, you can hear some squeaks and noises as the legs rub against the floors. It doesn’t matter whether your floors are made from tiles, porcelain or hardwood, you would still hear these noises. Of course, this could be a real problem when there is someone sleeping in the room. Now imagine the frustration you would feel when you are trying to sleep your baby for hours, only to have them waken up by a chair squeaking. This is totally avoidable when you buy a rocking chair. The bent bands slide smoothly on the floor with no sound to be heard.

They are large:

Generally speaking, rocking chairs tend to be larger than normal chairs. This is because they are only bought as single items or a part of a due. Single chairs are usually bought as a part of a set or to match a certain sofa or corner. Rocking chairs are also designed to soothe and comfort. The spacious design makes them perfect to support more than one person or heavy people with great comfort.

They can support heavy weights:

The design of rocking chairs distributes the body weight more evenly on the bands. Unlike normal chairs, the weight of the body is not concentrated on 4 small legs. The wider surface will take the pressure off the different parts of your chair.


With all of that being said, we still can’t ignore their main advantage. Rocking chairs are easily customized and personalized because they represent that special place in your house where memories are created.