Berline’s pride

I moved to Berlin, once upon a time, and I would think about moving back. And by I would think, I mean that I do think. Almost constantly. There is a certain pace of Life there, and a certain culture, that I just haven’t been able to find another situations. Obviously, I’m older now, and it’s not what it used to be. It’s not so low maintenance, life. However, there are things about Berlin that keep me calling, and I think I could move back in a very responsible way. For example, there are all sorts of interesting technology that is coming out of that City, that kind of relate to my interest. For example UNU makes an amazing, sustainable, and efficient motor scooter. I love riding scooters, and if I live somewhere where it was more appropriate, I would be riding a scooter every day. I would never even consider buying a car, been in my life circumstance. But if this was my Circumstance, the one I’m in now, I would buy this to scooter and I would ride it every day. Especially an electric scooter. The thing about electric scooters is that, most of them, like the one made by UNU, have no negative environmental impact whatsoever. The one made by UNU is also special though it’s because they don’t make an Overstock them. They only make the scooter that you ordered when you order it. So, you get to choose the colors, and which engine you want, and then it goes into production. Once it goes into production come it takes them maybe a week or two to produce, and then they deliver it right to your door and a big classy box. Once you open that box, your scooter is in there fully assembled. No, it’s not like Ikea, it’s that easy. You just slap a license plate on there and you can hit the road. The batteries amazing, it’s designed with Panasonic, it’s only nine kilograms and it lasts most people about three days before they need to charge it. Charging it is easy. Bring it right inside and plug it into a wall. Charge for 5 hours, and you can go for another three days. It’s just that simple. I think it’s absolutely stunning. If I move to Berlin, I’ll buy one.