Deadly accident of search engine optimization and online marketing

Internet marketing can be a confusing subject. There is no official book on the proper strategies and systems for internet marketing. It is up to the owners, internet marketers’ and search engine optimization experts to figure the things out like what will work and would never work. Indexsy gives you the online marketing accidents you need to avoid.

Not having an onsite content strategy:

Before search engines, it was common to see one-page microsites dominating the search engine result pages (SERPs) which are on the strength of the inbound link profiles. One of the significant changes that occurred as a result of algorithm updates was the promotion of websites in search result with a lot of quality and active content.  It is so impossible to get ranked for any competitive keyword if your site has poor content. This is how search engines differentiate between high and low quality

  1. The quality and quantity inbound links to the page
  2. Grammar and spellings on the sites
  3. The use of subheading
  4. Text formatting

When carrying the planning  of the contents on your sites, make sure you create content of high value which will stand the trials of time such as offering advice by personal experience, and publishing data that are not available anywhere


Not having an offsite strategy based on content

A well laid out plan for search engine optimization can be crucial for online marketing why;

  • Links are the most strictly followed factors by search engine algorithms
  • When high ranked websites links to yours, you can gain exposure and a positive branding
  • Links are the road to your sites. The more the links, the more channels to your sites

During the building of links websites, owners should be cautious about search engines algorithms and the various ways they have changed.


Not giving you time to it

Online marketing can be likened to stoke market, because over time your investment should move upward and if you stop soon you will get things messy.

Before you start any SEO on your website, endeavor to get help from indexsy for proper guidance on the right part to take.

Not putting enough money to it.

Websites own filled with the ambition to go for low-cost SEO because it seems not to be important. Cheap SEO will just consume your money and send the negative result.