Features that makes the Nikon Key Mission 360 outstanding

Features that makes the Nikon Key Mission 360 outstanding

Mount and go

Since the Nikon Key Mission 360 is compact, lightweight and shockproof, it can be mounted just about anywhere, depending on what and where you want to capture. It has a standard 1/4-inch socket for attaching to existing accessories, along with more than 10 versatile mounting accessories: adhesive and suction mounts, helmet and wrist straps, a chest harness, Key Mission extension arm, handy grip and more. Therefore, for every adventure or mission you embark on, you can find unique angles to film and shoot.

Incredible camera properties

The Nikon Key Mission 360 has the ability to record Ultra HD 4K resolution at 24 fps, Full HD 1080p video at 24 fps, 1440 x 960 video at 25/30 fps, and 29MP still images. Both lenses automatically work simultaneously in all shooting modes, with each lens offering a focus distance of about 12 inches. Thus the image quality of the Nikon Key Mission 360 is second to none, while the distance at which you can take pictures is farther than other available cameras.

Rugged design

The Nikon Key Mission 360 is manufactured with a rugged design to withstand the elements. Even when it does not have additional cover, it is waterproof down to 100 ft, shockproof from 6.6 ft, freezeproof, and dustproof. Its lack of housing enables you take cleaner and clearer image and audio because there is no extra later between the lens, mic and what you are capturing. Thus, even if you are carrying out an interview in a very noisy location, you would be sure that the voice of your subject will be well heard.

Smoother Final Image

The Nikon Key Mission 360 possesses an internal electronic Vibration Reduction (for 1080p capture) that reduces the influence of shakes and jitters in your outdoor activities leaving you with a smoother final image. Therefore, even at protest venues where there is a lot of pushing and shoving, you are sure of capturing wonderful videos and images

Wonderful accessories

The camera comes with a cage-like Silicone Jacket and lens protector to prevent scratches to the camera and the lens. Its underwater lens protector enables you to achieve better focus underwater. Your water diving adventures will thus be a joy to relive and share among family and friends.

Mobile app

In keeping with present technology, the Nikon Key Mission 360 has a free-to-download app that is used to control the camera, as well as playback videos. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.