How to Improve Your App Store Ranking?

How to Improve Your App Store Ranking?

Just like search engines, app store rankings can be very important in providing the due success for your application. With thousands of apps being launched every day, getting a good app store ranking is quite difficult. Small developers who do not have the required budget for advertising can find it very difficult to get their application in the top position of the app store rankings. Fortunately, there are few things that such people can do to make sure that the application wins users’ approval and have a higher app store ranking. Here are some of the key strategies that can help in this course.

  • Engagement and Retention

No matter what platform it may be, algorithm used in all these stores for ranking gives a lot of importance to the retention and engagement statistics. This simple means that only getting higher downloads is not enough as you will need users to use your application regularly to get better position in the ranking.

Another way in which you can do this is by making an application which they love. Listening to the complaints and suggestions and updating the application accordingly will make sure that people get what they need. When you listen to customers, respond to their feedback and make the changes accordingly, you app will certainly be a favorite among customers and you will be able get better rankings.

  • App Store Optimization

App Store optimization can have a very big impact on app store rankings. With optimization, the choice of a catchy title and an amazing description, you can set the basis for an amazing application. Add to it the right set of keywords and you can have an app in your hands that can certainly procure better results.

  • Reviews

The sort of rating your application earns can play a major role in deciding the future. For an app developer, making sure that the application is well developed is the easiest way to ensure that the app goes a long way in getting good reviews. You should also constantly as the user to review the application as it will bring in more number of reviews.

  • Download Rate

If the app store sees that every person who visits your page downloads the application then it will automatically give your app a higher rank. This is one of the most influential factors when it comes to determining the best apps on app store. It can be increased by adding screenshots, attractive images which describe the game and trailer videos of the application.

These are some of the tricks which you should keep in mind while developing the application. It will make sure that the application gets better app store rankings and the business revenue you were hoping for.

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