I can’t wait to hit the links and get golfing

I can’t wait to hit the links and get golfing. It’s been over a year since I’ve been able to golf, because of the injury, and that is what I’ve looked forward to doing the most.  Once you have a life-altering surgery, it’s difficult to get back on the horse when your body finally starts allowing you to. For me, it seemed like I’d never be at a point where I’d feel so ready and willing to start being active again, since I had become so used to not being able to be active and exercise. Now, I’m ready to go play 18 holes at my favorite Raleigh golf course, and I’m counting my lucky stars that I’ve been given this excellent opportunity to do so.

I’ve really missed golf. When our relationship between you and your hobby becomes impossible to retain, there is a big hole in your life that is hard to fill. Not being able to golf for over a year was extremely depressing and hard for me as an individual who absolutely loves getting out on the greens and breathing fresh air and testing my individual skill while in the company of good friends and colleagues. It’s been demoralizing to see my friends, my old crew, go and golf in and creating new memories without me. However, I haven’t taken it personally, and I know that they’re all looking forward to me joining with them again. But my first 18 holes, I’m going alone; waking up at the crack of dawn, and I’ll be the first golfer on the course– I’m planning on going so early that there’s nobody on my tail, so I can appreciate every single second that I have out there and not take a single moment for granted. Yes, I love golf. I’m grateful for my surgery, and I’m lucky that my recovery has gone as well as it has… Still, being away from the game I loved most was painful. I’ll let you know how it goes– but, I’m expecting to be pretty rusty… So, I don’t think I’ll be letting you know how I score.

Posted by / March 7, 2011
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