Internet’s way to help students

I seriously don’t have any problem with this type of website. As a matter of fact this is the best website that I found of this type that is currently in existence on the internet. If there’s a better one, I haven’t found it. How do I leave to find quality in this specific instance, I guess I basically designed it has efficiency and Effectiveness in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Where I really see that this is exceeding in this categories is the fact that there are only three boxes to enter to figure out the results. What are the results? Well, good question. This is a website to figure out how much, in a very specific course, in a broad sense, your final exam will affect your final grade. Now, you might find this speak to both specificity and brought it to be confusing. I guess I would understand. But what I mean is that with only 3 pieces of information, which apply to any course criteria, in a broad sense, you can figure out how much your final exam will affect your final grade in very specific courses. All you need to know is your current grade, the grade that you hope to achieve, and the worth of your final in a numerical sense. From there, you simply press a big button that says the word calculate on it, and you will be presented with the solutions you need. Yep? Is it as easy for you as it is for me, I should hope so!  It certainly is not a very complicated thing to wrap your head around, and I think that final grade calculator is are effective for any student in any situation, whether they are achieving high– or just scraping by.